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Shanghai is a vibrant metropolis located at the tip of Yangtze River. It is connected with Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in the West. She has an area of 6341 square kilometers.

She is also a great destination for shoppers, and the best-known shopping street in China - Nanjing Road - is located here. This exciting avenue is lined with well-known shops and department stores selling clothing, food and specialty goods. Shanghai is a paradise for gourmets, too. Here, visitors can enjoy a taste of all the different kinds of food in the world. Shanghainese cuisine, however, is a special hybrid. There are several famous old restaurants in Shanghai that are not to be missed.


Yu Yuan Shan Cheng

Yu Yuan Shan Cheng is an attraction that all tourists must visit in Shanghai. It is an entertainment center which comprises of shopping, tour, food and business.

Yu Yuan Shan Cheng had an history of 700 years. Inside tourists will find a 600 years old temple, Cheng Huang Miao. And a garden which was built during the Ming dynasty.

Oriental Pearl Tower

Built in 1991 July and completed in 1994 Oct 1, Oriental Pearl Tower is a symbolic icons of Shanghai. The tower has a height of 468 meters. In the tower tourists can have a bird eye view of the scenery of Shanghai.

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